“I’ve been training with Jason for almost 2 years , being an athlete himself , he pushes u too reach your limits,  he’s taught me all the fundamentals of boxing and has a heart as big as himself . I work in disability and he coaches all my guys on a regular basis , he has encouraged each one of them slowly ,and they absolutely love boxing now . It has been an honour to follow his Journey and watch from the inside how these guys train . Thanks so much Jase for all your patience with me and for all you do for boxing . Pure boxing caters for all fitness levels and is like a big family.” Donna


“I’ve been training with Jason for just over 4 years now and always been a firm believer that you learn from the best and Jason is exactly that.  Jason has worked with me in PT sessions, class based work and technique.  He has definitely pushed me beyond limits I never thought I could work to.  Pure boxing is a gym where you welcomed from the time you walk in.  Egos are left at the door and doesn’t matter what level of boxing you are at, everybody is treated the same.  The gym is never short of laughter and a good time.  I can honestly say that Pure Boxing is friends have now become family.  If you’re new or experienced, I would highly recommend Pure Boxing.” Nick


“From the initial meeting and session with Jase, I knew I was in good hands. My motivation not only for ‘boxing’ but the health aspect of physical activity and healthy lifestyle has changed dramatically. From someone that would dread exercise it’s now become something I cannot go without. I began doing 1-1 session once a week and as someone that struggles with self image and body confidence i felt intimidated by classes, it all quickly changed when after a few sessions of 1-1.. it’s now a place I could call my second home. I train in the group classes 5x a week and do a 1-1 session with Jase either once or twice a week.
For people that may look at a gym or even a boxing gym and think “no not for me”, I could not speak highly enough of Jason and the crew at PureBoxing, it’s one big massive family that only strive and push everyone to do better. You get the highest quality of knowledge of boxing, technique, and a workout and a half, you’re always learning new techniques, combinations and I can guarantee you never walk out without a sweat on!!.
Thanks to this guy I was someone that did minimal to nothing, now I’m someone that is learning to push myself through those mental barriers as Jase would say , “it’s all in the mind”, “keep grinding” to do better and to be the best version of myself, whilst keeping me accountable.” Samantha


“I have tried all sorts of exercise! Boxing training is the most complete workout I’ve ever experienced. It works for mind, body and soul.
You’re completely spent but you’re also learning technique which makes the sessions more interesting. I’ve lost weight, toned up and I’m walking taller!
Jason is patient, friendly at the same time as being a hard task-master! I’d recommend him to everyone, young and old.” Yvonne



Sally has been training with Jason for over 2 years and says: “I train with Jason because he is totally committed to my goals.  I’ve been to other gyms and had other personal trainers but he is a stand out because of his knowledge, dedication, easy going nature, enthusiasm and sense of humour.

I’ve lost 15 kilos (in conjunction with a paleo diet), my lean muscle mass has increased as has my energy levels, alertness and most importantly for us gals, strength.

Jason will will inspire you by his own drive, quiet determination and resilience”


Steph says: I’ve had the pleasure of being a student of Jason Whateley’s boxing classes for the last three years.

When I first walked into the gym I wasn’t aware of how much it was going to change my life for the better.

f2 2Jason has nurtured my fitness journey which has seen me lose weight and gain strength. I never knew what my body was capable of, nor did I understand how far I could push myself.

I was stuck in the same old routine of going to gym, doing the bare minimum, and being disappointed when I didn’t see results. What people need to understand is that just because you step foot in a gym doesn’t mean you will loose weight. You have to sweat, your heart has to be racing, you have to give it your all or you will remain the same. Jason pushes me, I never leave a class thinking ‘that was easy’.

Jason has taught me the fundamentals of boxing and has coached me to fight. My success as a boxer is a complete reflection on him and I am so grateful for all the time and energy he has put into coaching me.

I won the 2014 Victorian novice/intermediate state title, something I could not have done without his expertise and support. He was there for me every step of the way.


Jason applies himself 100% to everything he does, whether it is his own boxing training or his client’s training. He always strives to get the best out of himself and his customers.

stephjaseJason is so genuine, lovely, and his positivity is infectious… It’s almost impossible not to succeed when you have him as a personal trainer.

I am so lucky to have such a dedicated and talented boxer to train me, and I know I wouldn’t be even close to where I am today without his guidance and support.

Thank you Jason.

– Steph C.